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Beany offers an affordable online accounting service for small to medium-sized businesses, their online offering includes a brochure site, their custom-built accounting software and a support site. Beany offers a jargon-free, easy and approachable service. Their staff really care and Beany strives to deliver a friendly and bespoke service, where the focus is on the needs of the client.

The Overdose. New Zealand team worked closely with Beany to develop a modern, optimised content management system that promotes their brand and services. The goal was to create a brochure site that would act as a point of reference for potential customers and generate leads and enquiries for their affordable accounting offering. The headless tech stack, a combination of Nextjs, Prismic, and Vercel, allowed for the creation of localised storefronts operating from a single instance of the stack, covering Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom markets.

Our goal was to deliver a bespoke and premium feel to the site by incorporating a human element into the design. The result was an approachable and friendly experience with a bespoke premium feel, showcasing images of the Beany team and client success stories. The integration of Beany's product API ensured that client leads were passed seamlessly into the my.beany.com product, allowing the sales team to follow up with a targeted approach to convert the user into a new client.
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We worked in collaboration with Beany for the integration of their new CMS Headless build on a combination of Prismic, Nextjs and Vercel. By leveraging the flexibility of a content management system, the new site enables custom workflows, while seamlessly integrating with other services to provide Beany with a component-driven solution. Overdose. created the website using customisable building blocks, which allows the Beany team to easily create new pages using the template modules that we developed within Prismic, ultimately reducing their reliance on developer resources.

To ensure that client leads are seamlessly passed into Beany’s product API, our development team worked diligently to create a robust integration. This allows for the capturing of new leads and key pricing/business requirements, empowering Beany’s sales team to follow up with a targeted approach that efficiently converts the user into a new client. We believe that the resulting website effectively showcases Beany's mission and value proposition to their clients.
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Streamlining Content Management Updates

During our work with Beany, we encountered a significant challenge in the form of their existing site being highly resource-intensive and difficult to update without causing issue and resulting in limitations on their ability to add additional content to the site. Our team recognized the need to address this issue, as it hindered Beany's ability to communicate their offerings effectively to potential customers.


We developed a new CMS headless build on a combination of Prismic, Nextjs and Vercel, which provided the necessary flexibility and allowed for custom workflows to be created, without compromising the site's stability. Our approach enabled Beany to easily create new pages using the customisable building blocks we developed, thereby reducing reliance on developer resource and giving them greater control over their site's content.

Simplifying Technical Language

Beany needed to consider the complexity of the accounting industry, which can be intimidating for many people due to the abundance of jargon and technical language. Our task was to create a user-friendly and accessible website that would make accounting less intimidating and more approachable for potential clients.


We designed pages with clear, direct copy and calls to action, while also incorporating imagery, language, and icons that conveyed a friendly and credible feel. We modularized the pages to guide users through their journey of learning about how Beany can help their business. To build trust with users, we made pricing more transparent, which resulted in increased user control and a higher level of engagement with the brand. By incorporating relatable human elements and reducing the use of technical language, we made it easier for users new to accounting to understand Beany's offering and navigate their site.

Crafting Clear Pricing and Service Descriptions

We identified that their brochure site was not providing complete transparency on pricing and additional services, which contradicts their mission to provide their clients with complete visibility of pricing upfront. We recognized the importance of creating a website that not only showcases Beany's services but also provides transparent pricing details to potential clients.


To address Beany's concern regarding their pricing transparency, we developed a pricing page that offers a user-friendly and comprehensive overview of Beany's pricing model and additional services. The page guides users through the process of selecting their package based on their business income, followed by the option to select from the list of optional extras by filtering the services based on their area of need. To further enhance the user experience, a pricing summary is included on the right-hand side of the page that updates in real-time based on the user's selections. Our solution offers a clear and straightforward approach to pricing, ensuring that users have complete visibility of Beany's pricing model and additional services.

Headless Architecture

Beany were required to ensure that their technology infrastructure was future-proof and scalable. This meant using the best-in-breed technologies that would allow for easy management and deployment of the infrastructure. It was important to ensure that the infrastructure was layered and modular, so that it could be updated and improved over time without causing any downtime or disruptions for Beany or their clients.


Our solution was to use a combination of modern tech stacks, such as Next.js, Prismic, and Vercel, to deliver a highly scalable and reliable system. By utilising this framework, we were able to provide Beany with a flexible, low-code front-end solution that can be easily managed by their in-house teams. Additionally, we provided a dedicated content management platform that allows for streamlined content authoring and approval. This solution future-proofs Beany's infrastructure and allows them to adapt to changes in the industry with ease.

Geographic Scalability and Independence

Beany had ambitious plans for growth and expansion into new business models and geographic locations. Our challenge was to create a system that was both scalable and flexible, allowing for the seamless integration of new business models, markets, and technologies. Our goal was to ensure the long-term fit of the system with Beany's vision and ambitions while also providing them with a reliable and sustainable infrastructure.


In order to achieve long-term fit and scalability for Beany's future growth, Overdose. provided a solution that utilized a decoupled component approach, providing the flexibility for items to be interchanged without any core dependencies on native integrations. The chosen stack also included Prismic, which enabled the support of localization, providing Beany with the ability to create localized versions of each document and expand into new markets with region-specific content. This allowed for a scalable solution that could adapt to Beany's changing needs as they continued to grow and expand.

"From the outset, Adam and the commercial team at Overdose. took time to get to know Beany and the problems we were trying to solve with our new website. The resulting proposal was composed of a couple of options with different technologies and price points; the pros and cons of which were explored with the team until we were satisfied that we had not only chosen the right partner in Overdose., but the best platform and technology.

Jo and the team responsible for the delivery of our site were always helpful, kept us updated with progress, and took the time to meet with us to discuss options when anything changed. The designs we received were a faithful and creative execution of our brand and the Beany team is really proud of our new ‘shop front’. In addition, the tech stack we chose has been a real win in terms of SEO and usability.

Working with the Overdose. team was a pleasure, and I’d definitely recommend anyone looking for a high-performing website to reaching out to them for a chat."
Tom Clark
Chief Marketing Officer
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The main objective of the redesign of their website was to create an experience that was both approachable and friendly while conveying a premium feel. In order to humanize the service, we included images of the Beany team and client success stories. The end result was a highly effective emotional connection with users.

One of the key challenges was effectively presenting Beany’s pricing structure and additional services in a clear and transparent manner. To solve this, we designed an interactive pricing calculator that not only helps users determine the cost but also tailors the package to suit their specific business needs. This sets Beany apart from other competitors in the industry, providing a unique selling point.

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