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Camera House is the largest speciality photographic retail chain in Australia. Widely recognised by the strong blue, yellow and white signage, many people would know that there is a Camera House store just around the corner from them. We have a team of smiling, photographic enthusiasts who are waiting to show you all about the world of picture taking.

As a family-oriented business, Camera House strives to create a welcoming atmosphere that resonates with excitement and anticipation, capturing the essence of their customers' perfect moments. The Overdose. Australian collaboration with the Camera House team goes beyond a website rebrand; it's a comprehensive effort to enhance usability and the overall customer experience. With a strategic focus on both online conversions and the holistic user journey, our work ensures that the charm of Camera House's brick-and-mortar stores is seamlessly translated into the digital realm.


Within this project scope, Overdose. elevated search capabilities by seamlessly integrating Adobe Search with the new designs for Camera House. This integration harnesses the power of Adobe Sensei, combining industry-leading AI and machine learning with catalogue data. The result is a search experience that goes beyond expectations, delivering lightning-fast and highly personalised results for every shopper query. Leveraging Adobe Sensei's capabilities, Camera House gains automated insights into facets for each query, reducing the need for manual rule configurations. Sensei's advanced algorithms, including "recommended for you," "trending," and "most viewed," dynamically personalise search result rankings in real time for an enhanced shopping experience.
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Enhancing Search Performance

The challenge was to elevate the live search performance on the Camera House website. The existing system required improvement for a more efficient and user-friendly experience.


To address this, we implemented Adobe Search, a sophisticated search platform enriched with Adobe Sensei's artificial intelligence capabilities. This not only optimised search speed but also introduced Intelligent Faceting, reducing manual faceting and filtering efforts for the Camera House team.

Revamping Product Pages

The task was to create enhanced and clutter-free product pages capable of effectively presenting the diverse specifications of Camera House products without compromising visual aesthetics.


The Overdose. design team took on the challenge, revamping the product page layout to ensure it not only accommodated all relevant details but also offered an improved visual appeal.

Streamlining Store Pages Management

Efficiently managing information about Camera House's extensive store network and services on the website required improved store pages that were easy for administrators to oversee and update.


The Overdose. Development team rewrote the code for store pages, providing an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for store administrators to effortlessly manage and update information about services and events.

Redesigning Camera House Blogs

Camera House posed the need to seamlessly transition all blog posts from a third-party blog website to the new Adobe Commerce Magento designs.


To achieve this, we implemented the Magefan blog plugin, ensuring a smooth migration of all Camera House blog posts to the updated Magento website.

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Camera House


To effectively tackle the UX/UI challenges faced by Camera House, a comprehensive strategy is indispensable. The process begins with the creation of detailed user personas, taking into account factors such as professional needs, skill levels, and photographic preferences. This personalised approach ensures that the design aligns precisely with user expectations. Establishing a coherent information architecture for the website is paramount, facilitating easy navigation for Camera House users to locate relevant products. The incorporation of wireframing and prototyping allows for early visualisation and testing of interactive elements, ensuring an intuitive and efficient user experience.


Usability testing, especially with photographers of varying expertise, is a critical step to identify and rectify potential pain points. Special attention is given to visual design, striking a delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality. Responsive design is prioritised to cater to users accessing the website from various devices and screen sizes, optimising the presentation of visual content. To ensure continuous improvement, a feedback mechanism is instituted, incorporating user insights and staying attuned to the evolving requirements of the photography community. This tailored approach ensures that the Camera House website not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its diverse user base.