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Part of the Bart Group, James Lane is a wholly owned Australian family business with vast experience and tailored expertise which have helped thousands of people pick a better bed. Their story began more than four decades ago, when the Bart family behind the locally owned business, Sleeping Giant, embarked upon their dream to help Aussies get a better night’s sleep.

As the country’s unrivalled home of furniture, they are passionate about creating world-class contemporary pieces that are not only stylish but also functional. Elegant and modern, James Lane’s wide range of designer furniture and homewares is inspired by key trends from the architecture, interiors, art and design worlds. They have a penchant for natural materials and clean lines, designing pieces that work together in stunning harmony, imbuing your home with a sense of sophisticated relaxation.

Bart Group approached Overdose. Australia with the task of crafting a distinctive and bespoke website aligned with their vision. Drawing on the expertise of our Adobe Commerce developers and system architects, we designed a unique platform boasting an enriched catalog seamlessly integrated with a user-centric interface. Through the foundation of Adobe Commerce architecture, our creation offers an array of product variants, tailored shipping methods, customer reviews, and versatile payment choices, all harmoniously converging to deliver an exceptional customer service journey.


The Overdose. team orchestrated seamless integrations between the Adobe Commerce platform and BartG's ERP/Fulfilment and Inventory Systems, forming a bridge for harmonious data synchronisation across pivotal business facets. These integrations facilitate a fluid exchange of eCommerce data, ensuring a cohesive alignment of orders and customer insights. Moreover, they empower customers with tailored information, encompassing product specifics, inventory status, order updates, and more, tailored to their preferences.

Further augmenting the experience, specialised integrations with Carriers & Freight systems were deftly woven to cater to individual customer orders and geographic requisites, ensuring precise and efficient deliveries. This symphony of integrations extends to marketing avenues, including LiveChat and Email Marketing, carefully curated to elevate the user experience for James Lanes's customer community.
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Carries & Freight Integration

Navigating the intricacies of tailoring shipment and delivery rules to meet unique needs.


Collectively we tackled the intricacy of determining tailored shipping methods for James Lane's diverse product range, quantities, and delivery destinations. Through extensive workshops and meticulous planning, we accurately defined and implemented these crucial rules across Adobe Commerce's Magento, Pronto and C&F platforms, ensuring precise product deliveries. Rigorous testing embraced all scenarios, culminating in a seamless website launch.

Inventory Handling

Adapting to the intricacies of managing multiple inventory sources within the Bart Group framework.


Together with Bart Group, we strategically addressed the complexity of multiple inventory sources within Pronto Xi, a framework crucial for managing stock levels across Australia's geography. By thoughtfully considering the intricacies of their network and operational logic, we devised a solution that elegantly separates the inventory system into two components—Core Adobe Commerce Magento Inventory sources and a second virtual inventory component. This strategic design empowers Bart Group to seamlessly manage and control their inventory locations, enhancing operational efficiency.

Crafting Intuitive and Engaging Designs

Navigating the realm of design to fashion an experience that seamlessly connects with users.


Rooted in meticulous research, we delved into the psyche of Bart Group's target audience. This understanding informed the creation of an intuitive user interface adorned with visually captivating designs. We embraced responsive design principles to ensure seamless interactions across devices while streamlining the checkout process for user convenience. The provision of robust customer support options was integral. Our iterative design approach, fueled by user feedback, honed the website into a pinnacle of user-centric excellence.

Tailored Solution for Custom Product Kits

Pioneering the integration of a novel product type, "Kit".


Navigating Bart Group's business vision and market dynamics, our Overdose. developers adeptly customised the product Kit for James Lane. This innovative solution facilitated the creation of a unique Kit product, complete with distinct regulations for visibility, availability, and delivery options, aligning seamlessly with James Lane's offerings.



Collaborating closely with the Bart Group team during the project’s design phase, we embarked on a journey to address unique customer challenges in crafting Janes Lane’s website. The endeavour entailed harmonising tactile and spatial aspects of furniture in the digital realm while ensuring intuitive navigation across diverse offerings and streamlining the checkout experience.

The quest to depict texture, scale and quality online called for inventive image presentation and detailed descriptions, an effort to translate physical nuances into a digital canvas. Navigational intricacies stemming from the vast array of furniture categories were resolved through the thoughtful design of intuitive navigation systems. The pursuit of customisation found its solution in user-friendly interfaces, enabling customers to visualise various configurations effortlessly.

Striking a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality emerged as a pivotal pursuit, resulting in an engaging website that seamlessly marries captivating visuals with rapid loading times and an efficient checkout process. Acknowledging the mobile browsing trend, we embraced responsive design principles to ensure an equally delightful experience across devices.

This collective journey with Bart Group has been about solving complex customer challenges, ultimately delivering a website that elegantly converges the tangible and digital worlds of furniture shopping.