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Cargo Crew

Audience Intelligence, Customer Journey Mapping, Platform Implementation, Technology, UX
Cargo Crew is a purpose-driven business with a passion for original design and a single-minded focus on developing higher-performing quality uniform products that last.

Led by a 'Performance with Passion' approach, Cargo Crew thinks deeply about the functional details of their garments to ensure they meet the needs of their clients. They continue to listen to their clients, understand their needs, and these insights drive them to innovate and elevate Cargo Crew to be the leading uniform collection in the market.

Cargo Crew enlisted Overdose. to create a custom platform that would support their complex operations spanning B2B, B2B2C, and D2C. Leveraging Antidote, the Overdose. x commercetools accelerator, we built a fully composable architecture built on top of commercetools and Algolia that would enable Cargo Crew to power their next wave of growth. With over 25 websites all operating on a single platform, the business can sell seamlessly across their local and international markets, with custom uniform portals available for key accounts. The solution curated for Cargo Crew includes customised IT functionality, and a deep integration with Klaviyo, providing the Cargo Crew team with the necessary tools and insights to digitally innovate at the same pace as their uniforms.


The project required the integration of multiple systems to improve Cargo Crew’s eCommerce platform. The Overdose. team integrated commercetools and Algolia with Cargo Crew's Netsuite ERP, allowing for efficient syncing of core data between the systems. With this integration, Cargo Crew is now able to effectively integrate their back-end operations and warehouse activities with their eCommerce platform, providing same-day dispatch as part of their standard service levels. We also integrated LiveChat, Klaviyo for email and marketing automation, and Zonos for international tax compliance, improving the overall user experience.
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Enabling Multi-site Capabilities for business users without developer input

Cargo Crew required the ability to empower their business users to launch multi-site experiences with limited involvement of developer resources.


Using a headless CMS, we created a storefront configurator that manages all storefronts within one platform. The Cargo Crew business users are now able to launch new websites directly from the CMS, allowing them to efficiently onboard clients and roll out customised portals with custom pricing and access to specific users, without requiring dev time and resources.

Communication Automation

With the need to meet the pricing and product needs of consumers, small businesses and corporate employees via a single platform, Cargo Crew had to ensure the right product range and contracted pricing was displayed at all times.


Catering to complex business needs, the commercetools Composable Commerce platform allows Cargo Crew to configure and customise each website and customer based on their trading preferences. From various payment types, including purchase orders, allowances, customised product ranges, pricing, and promotions, the commercetools engine operates the site from the beginning. A future-proof, commerce engine for the channels that Cargo Crew is using today, and for whatever channels or evolving customer preferences that may come 3, 5, 10 years from now.

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Uniform Customisation

Cargo Crew wanted a seamless way for customers to visualise and customise their uniforms with name embroidery, monograms, emojis and logos.


Through the creation of Cargo Crew 'Customise It' tool, the Cargo team is able to configure each product to support various types of customisation, which is presented to the customer as a visual add-on via the product details page. The 'Customise It' tool supports configuration down to specific emojis, embroidery style and colour on a product-by-product basis.

Personalised Merchandising By Category And Site

Cargo Crew wanted to ensure that each customer was presented with photography and content specific to their brand or profession.


With a custom personalisation layer added within the CMS, Cargo Crew is able to create variations of products, which are served to specific categories and websites as required. Examples of this have seen aprons photographed and styled specifically for hospitality, hairdressing and early learning, as well as unisex items served in different variations with pricing, inventory and all core data fed from the same SKU within the system.

How Klaviyo’s Ecosystem helped Cargo Crew better understand their customers

Cargo Crew used an email platform that sunsetted at the end of 2021—and it was a blessing in disguise.

The email product integrated with Cargo Crew’s warehousing system NetSuite, but its connection with their previous eCommerce platform was glitchy at best, creating inconsistencies in their customer and order data.

Cargo Crew really needed an email and customer intelligence platform that integrated seamlessly with Netsuite and their new eCommerce engine, commercetools.


Cargo Crew researched many email platforms, and ultimately chose Klaviyo. It had powerful marketing capabilities, and Cargo Crew’s agency, Overdose Digital, could connect the platform with Netsuite and commercetools. “We’ve got a clearer picture of our customer base in Klaviyo,” says Lucy Parker, Cargo Crew’s channel and marketing manager.

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"Our new tech platform showcases our quality, design and style, whilst delivering the ultimate user experience... It was collaboration at its finest, with some of the most intelligent, creative and talented people coming together to make magic happen."
Felicity Rodgers
Cargo Crew


Increased eCommerce Percentage Of Business
Increased Online Revenue
Increased Products Sold Online
Increased Conversion Rate
Klaviyo : Increased Revenue Per Recipient On Post-purchase Flow
Klaviyo Facebook integration: Increased ROAS on a paid retargeting campaign
Klaviyo : Increased ROI
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Working in partnership with Cargo Crew, Overdose’s UX & UI team crafted a digital experience that transformed a traditional B2B landscape into a fashion-led showcase that excited both end consumers and business consumers. Our goal was to highlight the quality of their uniforms within digital channels while supporting their customers and businesses ordering uniforms in busy workplaces. To achieve this, we focused on fresh photography that captured the essence of Cargo Crew’s products and optimised various customer journeys, such as uniform customisation with name embroidery, monograms, emojis and logos, as well as the bulk ordering of multiple sizes within each product details page. Our UX process also involved the creation of a rich component library, comprising 40+ content types, which could be used within a flexible page builder format. Additionally, powered by commercetools’ flexible APIs and extensions, we optimised the site to support complex B2B payments and ordering on behalf of teams.

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