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A New Zealand family owned and operated footwear retailer and manufacturer, built on a passion for shoes and people. With a history coursing three generations, Overland has become a household name. A trusted source of premium leather footwear, for any and all occasions. Born out of a respect for both quality leather and for the art that is shoemaking.

As the Merchant 1948 and Mi Piaci brands have continued to expand, the vision has remained the same: bringing well-made, modern footwear to New Zealanders. Their footwear is built for the way you live. A clever mix of form, function, and fashion, with heritage firmly at its heart; synonymous with elegant, quietly confident footwear, essential in the formation of an elevated wardrobe.

The Overdose. Auckland/New Zealand team joined forces with the Overland team for a massive digital relaunch of their online platform and presence. As a long-standing partner of Overdose., rebuilding their NZ and AU websites for both the Merchant 1948 and Mi Piaci brands on the Adobe Commerce, Magento 2.4 Commerce Cloud Platform to leverage the feature-rich core functionality was a natural next step.

While the brand's existing site was facing the Magento 1 end of life, Overland saw a re-platform of their site to Adobe Commerce Cloud as an opportunity to improve specific functionality to optimise both user experience - by using the likes of Nosto AI Personalisation, Algolia Search and integration with Klaviyo - and operational processes within the business.


The Adobe Commerce Magento 2 site is integrated with the OnTempo ERP system via a custom-built integration module. This integration includes the following touchpoints: products, inventory, product pricing, online orders, shipments, gift cards, customers, loyalty, offline orders and pre-order data.

Extensions were used to power the AfterPay, LayBuy and Windcave payment method integrations.

The PayPal and Yotpo integrations are built into Adobe Commerce's Magento 2.

An extension was also used to deliver the Klaviyo and Nosto integrations.

To power search, the default behaviour of the Algolia extension was extended to ensure blog posts are indexed and returned as search results.
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Ease of content changes & promotional scheduling

A core business objective for the Merchant team was to decouple the site from its reliance on HTML for content changes as well as provide a more effective solution for more timely content & promotional updates to both the AU & NZ storefronts for both MiPiaci & Merchant sites.


All pages of the site were developed using Adobe Commerce’s Page Builder functionality, allowing the Merchant team to easily create or edit existing pages. With Adobe Commerce’s content staging and scheduling, promotions and content can be scheduled in advance, so gone are the days of staying awake to launch campaigns at midnight.

Increase the prominence of the Deuce brand as a standalone brand

Elevate the Deuce brand from a UX/UI perspective to sit on the same level as the Merchant brand.


Created dedicated Deuce landing page.
Created Deuce brand-specific product page template which is automatically applied to all Deuce products.
Created Deuce brand-specific category template which is applied to all Deuce specific categories.
Use of different, more playful product images for Deuce products.

Integrated custom solution for Loyalty

Address the issue of Overland having to manually assign customer loyalty tiers based on the customer spend.
Allow loyalty customers to view loyalty tier related data in my account.


Created a custom integration module to sync the customers' loyalty tier from OnTempo to Magento.
Implemented logic to retrieve customer-specific loyalty reward coupon codes from OnTempo and validate these during the checkout process.
Display customer-specific loyalty data such as current tier, available rewards and requirements to reach the next loyalty tier in my account.

Integrated solution for Pre-order products

Implement an integrated custom solution to handle pre-order products utilising the newly created pre-order functionality in OnTempo.


Implementation of custom logic to identify products that are available for pre-order and display pre-order related data which is synced via the OnTempo integration.

"The Overdose. team has been an invaluable extension of our internal team for years now, working with us daily to identify key eCommerce and digital marketing opportunities and deliver solutions that support our customer first and value add approach to digital strategy. Overdose. have taken the time to get to know our brands and our set of unique challenges to be able to consider and execute the best approach for improving our online presence and increasing our ROI across multiple digital channels."
Chenae Davies, Digital Marketing Manager
- Merchant 1948


Increased Revenue
Increased eCommerce Conversion Rate
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Mi Piaci 
Mi Piaci’s vision is to bring well-made, modern footwear to New Zealanders. Their footwear speaks for itself when it comes to quality, but their website lacked in articulating this key information. Overdose addressed this issue by crafting a bespoke site, based on the idea of educating customers on the ‘well-made’ aspect of their shoes, along with how to properly care for them. This addressed a huge challenge that many online retailers face; how to convey accurate product quality online.


Merchant is a clever mix of form, function, and fashion that caters for both the female and male demographic. By separating out the genders in the navigation and allowing them to have their own dedicated landing pages, we were able to equally cater for all audiences in what is a typically female-dominated space. The same approach was taken for Deuce, by creating a dedicated “mini-site” that had its own look and feel, but ensuring that those pages still felt like they were a part of the Merchant website and consistent with the rest of the UX of the site.