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DMD Skin Sciences

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With DMD Skin Sciences, the focus is on treating the skin concern from a medical standpoint first, and cosmetic view second. DMD Skin Sciences is here to help patients get to their desired skin goals by presenting them with the best options available because they deserve nothing short of the best.

Overdose. Asia collaborated with DMD Skin Sciences to undertake a comprehensive transformation of their existing Shopify store. Our team approached the project with a creative mindset, exploring innovative uses of Shopify to facilitate video consultations and seamless prescription integrations.

The primary objectives were to streamline the user journey, optimise performance and mobile experiences, and elevate the overall customer journey for a smooth and convenient online purchasing experience. Leveraging our expertise in utilising Shopify as a robust eCommerce engine, we upgraded the platform to Shopify Plus, enabling the automation of complex processes, improving efficiencies, and facilitating scalable growth. To ensure a seamless upgrade across their ecosystem, we worked closely with our valued partners, Shopify Plus, Yotpo, Gorgias and Dotdigital.

The outcome was a visually appealing and functional website, empowering customers to easily purchase online consultations, prescription products, and over-the-counter items. Patients could effortlessly book consultations, access their records, and review their consultation history. Moreover, Overdose. Asia delivered SEO migration and configuration services to enhance DMD Skin Sciences' digital presence in the niche medical category, catering to the growing demand for virtual medical consultations.


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Streamlining Video/Email Consultation Workflow

Given the sensitive nature of acne and acne scars, DMD Skin Sciences faced the challenge of catering to a clientele with a strong preference for video consultations over in-person appointments. The existing manual workflow needed to be automated to ensure a seamless and efficient process. One key aspect was ensuring that all consultations were pre-paid, eliminating the option for cash on delivery. Additionally, once the consultation purchase was completed, an automated system was implemented to send out a HIPAA-compliant medical form to the patient, streamlining the collection of necessary data for the consultation.


Streamlining an existing workflow was achieved by implementing automation, ensuring a seamless customer journey. This included transitioning all consultations to a pre-paid model and tailoring post-consultation care. Collaborating with Overdose. Asia, DMD Skin Sciences introduced reservation slot selection before pre-payment, facilitating precise scheduling and bolstering cash flow. The online transition encompassed video and email consultations while elevating email services with HIPAA-compliant form automation. Notably, DMD pursued omnichannel care amid industry shifts. Their extended reach includes enhanced email consultations for developing areas in the Philippines, aided by Shopify Plus for end-to-end care and medication delivery.

Improving Address Validation to Minimise Errors

Customers were entering incomplete or incorrect addresses during the ordering process. This led to delivery delays, returned packages, and additional costs for reshipping. The accuracy of address information is crucial for successful order fulfilment and customer satisfaction.


We implemented a comprehensive solution for DMD that enhanced the address validation process. We integrated a user-friendly interface where customers could select their region, city, and pin code from a predefined list, ensuring accurate and error-free address information. This solution not only improved the overall user experience but also increased operational efficiency for the DMD team by eliminating the need for manual address verification and minimizing delivery errors. As a result, DMD experienced improved customer satisfaction with accurate and timely deliveries.

Discovering a Search Opportunity Surpassing 40K Searches for Enhanced Visibility

The previous website lacked landing pages that catered to different customer skin types, which are frequently used as search terms on Google. These terms reflect the genuine needs and intentions of potential customers seeking skincare products or information. Due to this deficiency, the website faced difficulties in gaining visibility on search engines and failed to reach its desired audience.


To address this issue, the Overdose. Asia SEO team conducted extensive keyword research, discovering high-demand keywords with a monthly search volume exceeding 40k in the Philippines market. The Overdose. Asia SEO team created tailored landing pages aligned with the search intent, thereby improving the website's visibility on these keywords.

Enhancing Loyalty and Retention through Holistic Rewards

DMD Skin Sciences encountered a challenge with their existing loyalty program, which focused primarily on intl.dmdskinsciences.com purchases, leading to a missed opportunity in customer engagement. Customers who shopped on marketplaces lacked incentivization to engage on the brand site, impacting overall retention and sales potential. This scenario called for an innovative strategy to drive engagement and bolster loyalty via SMS and email marketing avenues.


Collaborating closely with the DMD Skin Sciences team, Overdose. Asia conceived a bespoke loyalty program that harnessed the power of Yotpo Loyalty and Referrals, SMS, and Reviews. The program was meticulously tailored to optimize engagement and amplify the customer's lifetime value. By leveraging Yotpo's platform, the initiative strategically identified and engaged brand advocates, thereby transforming customer advocacy into a dynamic and cost-efficient revenue catalyst. This multifaceted approach not only revitalized brand loyalty but also translated advocacy into tangible, revenue-driving actions.

"Working with Overdose. highlights the benefit of working with experts who have mastered what complete commerce is.
From the depth of their insights to their technical mastery to their precise execution, we never felt lost throughout the whole discovery and build process. It’s truly an honour working with an amazing team, whom we now consider as partners, in our journey to become the top-of-mind acne expert in the Philippines."
Ena Louise Quitain
DMD Skin Sciences
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Overdose. Asia were on a mission with and for DMD, to design a new website that artfully communicated their unique value propositions throughout the customer’s eCommerce journey. Beyond product presentation, the shift in value proposition of instilling and sustaining self-confidence in clients was at the core of the website’s essence.

Guiding individuals through the intricacies of skincare was a central piece to the project. This ethos translated into a carefully curated online booking experience that seamlessly aligned with the journey. Overdose. Asia’s innovative response was to integrate online consultations into the eCommerce trajectory, recognizing that DMD’s role transcended mere product sales. The “Book a Consultation” feature ingeniously interwoven within category pages enabled clients to initiate insightful dialogues with DMD’s experts while exploring solutions, guiding them towards tailored skincare regimens. This user-centric navigation further organised options based on specific needs—ranging from body part and skin type to product type, medication and supplement categories.

The product page assumed the role of an empowered decision-making hub. Overdose. Asia thoughtfully incorporated sections like ‘how to use’ and ‘dosage and frequency,’ crafting personalised step-by-step guidelines to maximise product benefits based on individual skin types. Recognising the synergy inherent in skincare routines, the product page was designed to suggest products that complemented one another.

Transparency was paramount. Overdose. Asia introduced an engaging carousel spotlighting textured images of ingredients, reinforcing clarity and reassurance about the substances applied to the skin, replacing scientific nomenclature.

DMD’s remarkable community growth on Instagram and TikTok was nicely integrated into the design. Real-life stories and experiences took center stage through user reviews, showcased on the homepage, product details page and product cards. Instagram feeds on the homepage bridged the gap between visitors and the transformative impact of their products. An exciting prospect involves incorporating TikTok videos for deeper user engagement.

The collaboration between DMD Skin Sciences and Overdose. Asia crafted a digital realm that epitomises empowerment, transformation, and engagement, reflecting the profound narrative of resilient skin and unwavering confidence.

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