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ECOYA's natural soy wax candle collection established their reputation as a fragrance house. They work closely with leading perfumers to create iconic fragrances that transform raw, natural inspiration into perfumes that are rich, rare, and evocative. Their focus has since extended in to bodycare, kitchen and laundry collections which has cemented them as a true lifestyle brand, bringing their unique fragrances into all parts of the home.

ECOYA approached Overdose. New Zealand to revamp their existing Shopify stores in Australia and New Zealand. Their goal was to enhance the online experience for their customers, showcase their full product range, and improve customer retention, ultimately leading to more repeat purchases. Overdose collaborated closely with the ECOYA team to infuse the website with personality and creativity, incorporating engaging imagery and language to delight users. The focus was on building an enjoyable and memorable shopping experience, which we believe is key to driving customer loyalty and brand advocacy.


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Surfacing ECOYA's Wider Catalogue

One of the primary challenges that we identified was the visual representation of their product range. Although ECOYA is an Australasian Fragrance house with a diverse range of products, the website was primarily focused on candles, and other items were not being highlighted enough. We knew that we had to find a way to surface the wider collection, including other products like diffusers and body care items, while also improving the overall customer experience to increase customer retention and encourage more repeat purchases.


To address the challenge of making their expanded range of fragranced products more visible to customers, we recognized the efforts they had made to diversify their product range outside of candles, and so we brought their car diffusers, kitchen and laundry sprays, woollen dryer balls and personal fragrances out of hidden categories and placed them prominently in the header. By doing so, we instantly let new customers and some loyal ones know the full breadth of their range. Our aim was to help ECOYA showcase their expanded product line and create a better shopping experience for their customers.

Boosting Repeat Customers

ECOYA had a particular focus on improving the customer experience and engagement to drive customer loyalty and retention, in turn, increasing the amount of returning customers.


In the build for ECOYA NZ and AU, Overdose. worked in collaboration to focus on improving the overall customer experience and increasing customer trust. We worked on enhancing the website's tone and friendliness, adding Yotpo reviews to build credibility and trust among customers. Our efforts paid off as existing ECOYA customers readily embraced the review feature.

Communicating Fragrance Online

ECOYA, as an Australasian Fragrance house, faced the challenge of replicating the in-person fragrance experience for their online customers. With a primarily visual medium, it was difficult to create a way for customers to fully experience the scent of their products. Additionally, ECOYA wanted to surface their wider collection beyond candles and improve customer retention to increase repeat purchases.


Overdose. worked with ECOYA to address the challenge of allowing customers to experience fragrances through a visual medium, and increasing the number of returning customers. We redesigned the product journey, focusing on visually showcasing the wider collection and adding mini-descriptions to each collection to improve the search journey. Additionally, we added more personality to the site with fun imagery and tone, creating opportunities to delight customers. To allow customers to experience the scents, we replaced text with visual references to fragrant ingredients where possible and emphasized the mood or moment created by the scents in a room.



To address the challenge of accurately conveying scent online, we aimed to simplify the user experience by replacing scent jargon with relatable language, memories, and atmospheres associated with scents to help users understand the product and its scent. For instance, we used phrases like “Smells like the first day of Summer” to help users imagine light, fresh, and floral scents. We also introduced a scent glossary to cater to customers with different levels of candle knowledge. Another challenge was to educate the user about ECOYA’s extensive product offering beyond candles, such as kitchen and laundry products, body care, and car diffusers. We restructured the navigation by displaying the categories in the first level of navigation and placed category blocks high up on the homepage for easy access. Additionally, we leveraged cross-selling to introduce users to new categories and products. Our approach was to provide a seamless and engaging online experience for ECOYA’s customers, and we are proud to have delivered on this objective.