Since 1988, HealthPost has been the home of healthy living, delivering New Zealand’s largest range of natural health, clean beauty, and healthy food & drink products. Over the years, HealthPost have positively influenced the personal lives of hundreds of thousands of people in New Zealand and beyond.

As a customer-centric company, HealthPost needed a flexible and scalable Business Intelligence (BI) environment that could help them make quick and effective customer-focused decisions.

But as with all modern businesses, data was sometimes fragmented across different platforms that did not always talk to each other. This meant preparing reports and analysis was often a manual and intricate task with customer predictive insights challenging to compile.

HealthPost partnered with Overdose. to find a solution.

After studying the tech stack carefully, Overdose. came up with an approach to build a powerful business intelligence environment which could serve the needs of their eCommerce, marketing as well as commercial teams. Overdose. leveraged the power of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to address data ingestion and transformation needs, while using Looker Studio to deliver the visualisation layer. Data from HealthPost's ERP, Ecommerce platform, Ad Platforms and Customer Surveys all found a way to come together and make sense.

The result? A BI tool that was flexible, scalable, automated, and tuned for HealthPost's specific needs.


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Integrating Disparate Data Sources

For HealthPost, heaps of great data lived in their Ecommerce platform, ERP, marketing and analytics platform. But all of it was unconnected and sitting in silos.


Overdose. leveraged the power of Google Cloud Platform's 'BigQuery' data-warehouse to bring together the data from these unconnected data sources. The solution required the use of Stitch data connectors as well as custom-built API connectors running from 'serverless' Google Cloud Functions. Once all the raw data integrations were running, Overdose. built a series of schedules and workflows within BigQuery to transform the source data into schemas that could talk to each other.

Eliminating Manual Effort on Business Reporting

The HealthPost team needed to manually build ecommerce, marketing and commercial reports in spreadsheets which required upkeep and user intervention.


Overdose. worked collaboratively with HealthPost to leverage the power of Looker Studio and BigQuery's Custom Queries to build customized reports using the integrated data from their data-warehouse. This allowed for quick and easy access to the latest insights, enabling HealthPost to make informed decisions at the click of a button.

Monitoring Marketing Mix Performance

HealthPost invested advertising dollars across various channels, including social, search, affiliate marketing, and native ads. Although each platform provided performance reporting, they lacked a comprehensive view of how the marketing mix impacts new customer acquisition (CAC).


Overdose. implemented the AcqWire BI module, which integrates campaign performance data from various ad platforms with PII data from NetSuite. This enabled HealthPost to monitor changes in marketing mixes and track CAC trends comprehensively. With this, HealthPost gained a clearer understanding of their marketing performance, as well as a holistic view of the outcomes achieved by their marketing efforts.

Understanding Where Customers Get Influenced

HealthPost needed a comprehensive understanding of the influence of each marketing channel on customer behaviour to make informed ad spend decisions and explore new marketing channels.


Overdose. integrated direct post-purchase surveys into the AcqWire BI solution for HealthPost, allowing them to receive ongoing feedback directly from their customers. The surveys provide insights into where customers are being influenced and how they feel about their overall experience with HealthPost. With a sample size of over 45%, these insights are reflective of the entire population and provide HealthPost with valuable information to inform their marketing strategies and optimize their ad spend.

Customer Insights: Health, Churn and Lifetime Value

In response to the rising customer acquisition costs in the industry, HealthPost recognized the need to prioritize customer retention. To do so, they required an in-depth understanding of their customer base, including customer cohorts, re-purchase behaviors, product affinities, churn rates, and other retention metrics.


Overdose. implemented the Re10sion BI module, which ingests transactional and behaviour data to surface actionable customer insights. These insights helped HealthPost incentivise churned customers, reinvigorate predicted-churners, delight top customer cohorts, understand product affinities, LTV trends and much more.

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"We’ve been working with Overdose. Digital for several years and more recently partnered with their D&A team to better enhance our data capabilities and understanding of our customer data.

This has helped create valuable insights through leveraging Google Cloud Platform integrated with our ERP, marketing and advertising platforms. This has also helped us with tracking business performance and KPIs across our various channels and helping with decisions on our marketing mix. Overdose. Digital have been great to work with through this journey, have lots of ideas and a sound understanding of our business and strategic direction. We are excited to continue this partnership and further develop our data and insights capabilities going forward"
Mathew Close
Head Of Commercial & Finance

Results & Insights

Outcome 1
Elimination of manual reporting effort.
Outcome 2
Clear visibility of company-wide business KPIs.
Outcome 3
Rich insights on HealthPost's customer base.
Outcome 4
Integrated acquisition insights across all marketing channels.
Outcome 5
Zero-party insight on where customers get influenced across the marketing efforts.