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The first Hunting & Fishing New Zealand store opened in Palmerston North in 1986 and has since joined forces with other leading outdoor specialist retailers, has grown to see 40 great stores throughout New Zealand under the Hunting & Fishing New Zealand banner.

The Hunting & Fishing New Zealand team are as passionate about the outdoors as their customers and their skilled and experienced staff know what they are talking about, to help their customers make the best purchasing decisions.

The Overdose. Auckland team successfully transformed Hunting & Fishing NZ's online platform into a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. By partnering with industry-leading technology providers such as Adobe Commerce, Akeneo, and Unbxd Inc, they were able to bring the best outdoor brands directly to customers. With a focus on delivering quality and convenience, Hunting & Fishing NZ's digital relaunch has revolutionized the way New Zealanders shop for their favourite outdoor gear.


Hunting & Fishing NZ and Overdose. teamed up to revolutionize their online shopping experience with the integration of cutting-edge technology. By utilizing UNBXD's AI-powered merchandising functionality, they were able to present products and content with data-driven prioritization, resulting in a personalized shopping experience for customers. The integration with Akeneo and Adobe Commerce empowered Hunting & Fishing to manage their extensive product catalog with greater efficiency and accuracy.
With the successful import of over 100,000 SKUs and consolidation of product data, Hunting & Fishing now has a single source of truth for all areas of their business. This robust foundation allows for seamless management of suppliers and provides customers with a high-quality shopping experience that mirrors the expert knowledge found in their physical stores. The collaboration between Hunting & Fishing and Overdose. has elevated the online shopping experience to a new level.
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Product Data Migration

Hunting & Fishing faced a unique challenge with their product data being dispersed across multiple sources, resulting in a fragmented and incomplete understanding of their inventory. To tackle this problem, a solution was devised to bring all of this data together and provide a centralized platform for managing and organizing it. This project allowed Hunting & Fishing to streamline their processes, ensuring that the data was accurate, consistent, and up-to-date. The new system also provided a springboard for Hunting & Fishing to work with suppliers and request that they enter product information directly, resulting in even greater efficiency and improved data quality. The end result was a well-organized, comprehensive view of Hunting & Fishing's products, enabling them to make better-informed decisions and drive their business forward.


Hunting & Fishing sought to streamline their product data management and ensure a seamless transition during their Magento 1 migration. The solution was to utilize Akeneo Open Source as the ideal PIM solution, integrating it with Adobe Commerce Cloud. This allowed the company to establish a centralized hub for all their product information, thereby eliminating any discrepancies and ensuring consistent product data across all channels - digital, in-store, and print. By implementing Akeneo Open Source, Hunting & Fishing was able to significantly improve their content creation and management processes, leading to a more unified and efficient marketing strategy.

Restricted Goods Online

Hunting & Fishing faced a unique challenge in their business: selling firearms and bulky items such as tents and cabinets, which pose certain restrictions when it comes to online purchasing. However, they wanted to effectively showcase these products on their website to advertise their availability. The solution was to create an online platform that would effectively highlight Hunting & Fishing's wide range of dangerous goods, while ensuring responsible and safe purchasing practices. By leveraging the latest e-commerce technologies, the team was able to design an online shopping experience that not only showcased Hunting & Fishing's diverse product offerings, but also complied with all regulations and restrictions surrounding the sale of dangerous goods. This innovative solution demonstrated Hunting & Fishing's commitment to responsible business practices while also providing a user-friendly and engaging online shopping experience for their customers.


Hunting & Fishing faced a complex challenge in offering dangerous goods and oversized products online while adhering to regulations and restrictions. Overdose took a two-phased approach to tackle this issue, creating separate shipping and purchasing restrictions. By utilizing Akeneo, Hunting & Fishing was able to flag certain products that were not available for delivery or in-store pickup due to their size or special order status. On the other hand, purchasing restrictions allowed staff to control the sale of firearms and other dangerous goods, ensuring that a valid license was sighted and necessary approvals were made before a purchase could be completed. This innovative solution allowed Hunting & Fishing to effectively sell their products online while maintaining legal compliance and providing a safe and responsible shopping experience for their customers.

Encouraging Users to Purchase Necessary Products

Hunting & Fishing offers products and services for a variety of outdoor hobbies, and for many of these activities, customers need to purchase a specific set of products to achieve the best results. In-store, this can be easily communicated by a knowledgeable staff member, but how could this experience be replicated online? To overcome this challenge, Hunting & Fishing's team leveraged their e-commerce platform to create a seamless and personalized shopping experience that mirrors the in-store experience. Customers can now easily find and purchase the necessary products in a single transaction, ensuring they have everything they need for an optimal outdoor setup. By bridging the gap between online and in-store shopping, Hunting & Fishing has elevated the customer experience and cemented their position as a leading provider of outdoor products and services.


Hunting & Fishing faced the challenge of effectively communicating technical product information and cross-selling related accessories online. The solution was a multi-phased approach that involved investing significant resources into improving the product data available online. This included refining product filters, applying product labels to communicate specific use cases, and prioritizing cross-sell opportunities for essential accessories. By providing a more informed and personalized shopping experience, Hunting & Fishing was able to bridge the gap between the in-store and online experience and help customers find the right products for their needs. This not only improved the customer experience, but also increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. The dedication to this challenge has positioned Hunting & Fishing as a leader in the outdoor products and services industry.

Driving In-Store Traffic

Hunting & Fishing's extensive and technical product range presented a unique challenge: how could they effectively communicate the availability and benefits of shopping in-store to their customers? To address this, the team created an innovative solution that made it easy for customers to find their nearest store, see what products were available in-store, and understand the benefits of visiting a physical location. This not only improved the customer experience but also increased foot traffic to Hunting & Fishing's physical stores, creating a more seamless and integrated shopping experience for their customers. By prioritizing the in-store experience and making it a key part of their digital strategy, Hunting & Fishing has differentiated itself from competitors and established a competitive advantage in the crowded outdoor products and services market.


Hunting & Fishing's goal was to provide a personalized and seamless shopping experience for their customers, and one of the key challenges was communicating accurate in-store stock levels and delivery options. The solution was an innovative approach to customer communication and location-based service. By allowing users to share their location or postcode, Hunting & Fishing was able to provide real-time updates on in-store stock levels and advertise in-store and Click & Collect delivery options consistently throughout the site. This improved the customer experience by ensuring that customers could find the products they needed, when and where they needed them. Additionally, by allowing users to select their preferred store in the header of the site, Hunting & Fishing was able to provide tailored results based on what was available in their chosen location. The journey was further enhanced by prompting users to enter their details on the product page, allowing them to check in-store availability in their region. By prioritizing location-based services and personalized communication, Hunting & Fishing has set itself apart as a leader in the outdoor products and services industry.

"From the beginning, Overdose. stood out as a strong contender. They collaborated closely with our team to create the design for the website, and successfully delivered it on schedule and within budget. The team is pleasant to work with and places a strong emphasis on meeting the needs of the customer."
Dave Hughes, Founder
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6 months pre-launch vs 6 months post-launch
Increased revenue
Increased conversion rate
Increased average order value
Increased average session duration


Bringing the Hunting & Fishing website into the current day standard was a necessary step but also posed some unique challenges. Known throughout New Zealand with multiple stores up and down the country, the previous website was the opposite. Frustrating purchasing journeys, confusing product information and an overall poor website browsing experience, the Hunting & Fishing website was in dire need of a UI and UX facelift.

Unique challenges around this new build included selling dangerous goods online and grouping products into appropriate categories. With strict laws around how dangerous goods are sold online, we designed a Request In-Store Viewing user journey to seamlessly book an in-store appointment. This was a massive improvement from the last iteration, with all customer data captured before the customer would arrive in-store. The other unique challenge was allowing users to easily find products in their associated outdoor category – targeting both new and returning users. To support this, we created category landing pages featuring snapshots of top products in each specific category. A great tool for new users to learn and understand what they might require and easily allows returning users to continue their journey.

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