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The first Hunting & Fishing New Zealand store opened in Palmerston North in 1986 and has since joined forces with other leading outdoor specialist retailers, has grown to see 40 great stores throughout New Zealand under the Hunting & Fishing New Zealand banner.

The Hunting & Fishing New Zealand team are as passionate about the outdoors as their customers and their skilled and experienced staff know what they are talking about, to help their customers make the best purchasing decisions.

The Overdose. Auckland team joined forces with the world-famous-in-New-Zealand Hunting & Fishing NZ brand for a massive digital relaunch of their online platform and presence including omnichannel retail store integration with Adobe Commerce, Akeneo and Unbxd Inc search and recommendations to bring quality outdoor brands from your device to your door from the sea, lake, mountain, or bush.


Hunting & Fishing and Overdose. have integrated cutting-edge UNBXD technology to enhance the search experience for their extensive online catalog. By using UNBXD's AI-powered merchandising functionality, they were able to present categories and search results with data-driven prioritization of products and content.
Furthermore, by utilizing the Akeneo platform and integrating with Adobe Commerce, Hunting & Fishing gained greater control over their product data and that of their suppliers. This specialized tool helped to provide a high-quality online shopping experience that mirrors the expert knowledge found in their physical stores.
As part of this project, Overdose. and Hunting & Fishing worked together to import over 100,000 SKUs (including new and used products) and consolidate all known product data into a single source of truth. This serves as a strong foundation for Hunting & Fishing to manage their suppliers and will work for all areas of their business, including web, in-store, and print magazines.
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Product Data Migration

Hunting & Fishing's product data was across a range of different media sources with no single source of truth beyond a skeleton SKU library. It was key as part of this project to streamline and provide a platform that would allow Hunting & Fishing to collate these data points and provide a jumping point for Hunting & Fishing to require suppliers' to enter product data on their behalf.


The solution was to implement Akeneo Open Source as the PIM solution best suited for a Magento 1 migration and an Adobe Commerce Cloud integration. This allowed Hunting & Fishing to leverage the feature set available as part of this PIM to create a single source of truth for product data which had been sorely lacking. This allowed the digital, in-store and print teams to share consistent product data and capture any content that is created for any of the media touch points.

Restricted Goods Online

Hunting & Fishing sell firearms and related accessories in-store as well as very bulky products such as tents and cabinets. One of the key challenges of this build was presenting dangerous goods online in a way that advertises that Hunting & Fishing provides these products but restricts their purchasing online.


Overdose. architectured a two-phased approach to product restrictions: shipping and purchasing restrictions. Either function could be used independently of the other. Shipping restrictions allowed Hunting & Fishing to flag (through Akeneo) if a product should not be available for Delivery and/or Click & Collect because the product is oversized or a special order product which would communicate this throughout the customer journey online. Purchasing restrictions allowed for staff to flag if a product should not be available without staff supervision and booking a viewing session for products such as firearms which require a valid license to be sighted and specific approvals to be made before a purchase can be completed. This separation allowed for flexibility in selling dangerous goods or their accessories, as well as oversized goods, through their online presence while still abiding by legal restrictions.

Encouraging Users to Purchase Necessary Products

For the majority of outdoor hobbies that Hunting & Fishing provide products and services for, there is a set of necessary products that should be purchased together to get the optimal set-up such as fishing rods, lines, sinkers, and hooks being purchased in a single delivery to the customer. This is easily communicated in-store with a staff member walking a customer through this process, but the challenge was to communicate this experience online.


The multi-phased approach to this challenge was dedicating massive resources to improving the product data available online (including improving product filters), allowing for product labels to be applied to a product on the product listings and detailed pages to communicate the technical best-case uses for a product (such as whether a rod was best used for Surf or Canal Fishing), and focusing on dedicated cross-sell opportunities above the fold for the required accessories that are usually missed by hobbyists.

Driving In-Store Traffic

Due to Hunting & Fishing's technical and extensive product range, one of the key challenges for this project was ensuring that customers knew what was available in their nearest store, where their nearest store was, and what benefits they could get from going in-store for their order.


Users are communicated with throughout their journey when they share their location or postcode with the website on accurate in-store stock levels as well as providing the new in-store and Click & Collect delivery options which are advertised consistently throughout the site. By allowing users to select their store in the header of the site, they have tailored results of what is available in their selected store. They are also prompted to enter their details on the product page when reaching the end of their research journey, and then allow to check in-store availability in their region.

"From the beginning, Overdose. stood out as a strong contender. They collaborated closely with our team to create the design for the website, and successfully delivered it on schedule and within budget. The team is pleasant to work with and places a strong emphasis on meeting the needs of the customer."
Dave Hughes, Founder
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6 months pre-launch vs 6 months post-launch
Increased revenue
Increased conversion rate
Increased average order value
Increased average session duration


Bringing the Hunting & Fishing website into the current day standard was a necessary step but also posed some unique challenges. Known throughout New Zealand with multiple stores up and down the country, the previous website was the opposite. Frustrating purchasing journeys, confusing product information and an overall poor website browsing experience, the Hunting & Fishing website was in dire need of a UI and UX facelift.

Unique challenges around this new build included selling dangerous goods online and grouping products into appropriate categories. With strict laws around how dangerous goods are sold online, we designed a Request In-Store Viewing user journey to seamlessly book an in-store appointment. This was a massive improvement from the last iteration, with all customer data captured before the customer would arrive in-store. The other unique challenge was allowing users to easily find products in their associated outdoor category – targeting both new and returning users. To support this, we created category landing pages featuring snapshots of top products in each specific category. A great tool for new users to learn and understand what they might require and easily allows returning users to continue their journey.

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