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Aelia Duty-free is a brand within the Lagardère AWPL, operating in the Asia Pacific region. Aelia Duty-free runs 250 outlets, partnering with over 16 airports in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, as well as China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Singapore. With the largest international network of duty-free and luxury, travel essentials and food service stores, Lagardère Travel Retail’s dynamic global presence have been a staple of the industry for more than 160 years.

Lagardère AWPL chose Overdose. to build a completely custom and unique website that matched their vision for a Duty-Free Airport Shopping experience like nothing else on the market. Using the extensive knowledge of our Adobe Commerce Cloud developers and system architects we were able to create a one-of-a-kind site that offered a powerful and seamless user experience. Based on a highly customised Adobe Commerce Cloud architecture, this website offers varied product combinations, subscriptions, live chat and thoughtful pop-ups to provide a customer-first service.

Save time at the airport and pre-order your duty-free shopping with Aelia Duty-Free online. Their online store offers travellers a range of premium products, from alcohol and confectionary to leading makeup, skincare, and fragrance brands. Browse through the latest luxury, electronic and travel accessories, and purchase tax-free with Aelia before you fly.


As part of this project, Overdose. integrated the Adobe Commerce Cloud platform with Aelia and Amuse Beauty's POS, PIM, Fulfilment and Inventory Systems to sync data between key business systems. These integrations allow Aelia and Amuse Beauty to seamlessly sync their important e-commerce data to their back-of-house systems such as orders and customer information as well as simplify the process of creating products to improve efficiency for their teams. They also provide customers with information that is most relevant to them such as product details, on-hand and incoming inventory levels, order statuses and more.
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Adobe Commerce Cloud: Magento 1 to Magento 2

Separate management of their tech stack.


OD worked with Aelia Duty-Free on consolidating their tech stack and adding Amuse to a store view within their current Adobe Commerce system. This meant that they could benefit from all of the structure and tech built into the duty-free store as well as a centralised content and product management system.

Category mix and information architecture

The breadth of Aelia and Amuse beauty's mix meant a clear category structure and information architecture was required to showcase the full range of products.


With categories across multiple verticals, including beauty and lifestyle, the Overdose. SEO team worked alongside Amuse Beauty to understand the product range and priorities for the business to deliver a comprehensive information architecture, which was translated in the design phase to a clear website navigation structure.

Multinational retail

Localisation and relevance in respective markets were imperative to building a brand that intimately connects with its customers, therefore adapting pricing and currencies, local inventory availability, and language had to be accommodated.


Overdose. leveraged Adobe Commerce Cloud's native multiplicity to operate multiple stores from the same single instance, allowing Aelia Duty-Free to operate 6 localised iterations of the website to accommodate each market's respective seasonality, pricing, currency, promotions, language etc while leveraging the underlying systems and integration architecture to maximise efficiencies, reduce total cost of ownership, and interoperability with existing back end and fulfilment processes.



We worked closely with the Lagardère AWPL team during the design phase of the project to solve customer challenges. We first considered how to redesign a traveller’s online journey by giving them a true sense of variety in airport shopping. We focused on creating an experience to inspire the user upfront to capitulate their attention and desire to explore.

We primarily concentrated on inspiring the user at a product level, serving an ideal tourist and travel enthusiast image above the initial page fold. The intent is to immediately capture users’ attention using studio photography to showcase the product details.

Our second focus point was to translate the in-store experience online. We digitised the in-store styling and buyer journey ensuring customers get an online travellers experience. We also stimulated the warmth Lagardere customers experience when shopping in-store by steering away from bright and bold hues to using a strong product promotional background to evoke the branding and essence customers receive in-store.