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North Beach

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North Beach is a 100% family-owned business rooted in Kiwi culture. Starting from humble beginnings with a small t-shirt stand in Victoria Park in Auckland, they now stock one of New Zealand's largest ranges of skate, surf, and streetwear from massive international brands to locally grown legends.

North Beach proudly caters for everyone from wee groms to chic grannies with their goal to deliver the coolest and most current clothing and apparel to keep Kiwis looking and feeling their best!

Establishing close ties together over the past 3 years, North Beach has utilised Overdose.s' Marketing services. Through the partnership, North Beach has leveraged Overdose.s' extensive knowledge in META and Google Ads to structure a consistent always-on strategy, execute seasonal campaigns such as Wild Life and Motel Vacancy and champion key categories such as Footwear in order to capitalise on opportunities and drive revenue. Through strategic investment, placement and creative testing across META and Google Ads, North Beach has experienced strong growth in their online presence.

North Beach has also recently engaged with the Overdose. SEO Team for an ongoing SEO Retainer. While still early days in the SEO Engagement, the team have been working hard on completing audience and keyword research as well as reviewing the technical makeup of the website for SEO improvements and opportunities. A new section of the website which we encourage you to check out is the Gifting Range which was the result of a collaboration between the OD SEO Team and the North Beach Team.


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Understanding Customer Behaviour through Creative Testing

North Beach consistently produces high-quality and engaging content for its campaigns. As this content transcends through META, our challenge was to understand how we can optimise North Beach’s content in order to align with creative best practices and ad set-up.


Our solution was to take our clients creative and where possible, create ad variations through META formats that include a carousel, slideshow, and collection ads. Through rigorous testing and diversifying our creative offerings, we are able to achieve a few key outcomes;
1. The ability to understand the formats that engage prospective customers to explore North Beach’s product offerings.
2. The confidence in which formats convert high-intent customers ensures we continue to adapt these formats in future campaigns.

Maximizing revenue through Account Simplification

North Beach had recently formulated three marketing buckets that represent key product categorizations internally. Understanding the importance of North Beach’s change in tact internally our challenge was to re-assess our current META account structure and make calculated and strategic optimisations in order to evolve the account, whilst maintaining performance.


Our solution was to opt for a more simplified account structure that included an always-on layer of activity from each of the marketing buckets. Condensing content that was tied to the same objective meant greater data collection and therefore enhanced machine learning. Due to the pace of North Beach’s business, we also had to focus on the distribution and fluidity of the budget to align with the client’s focus and objective on a regular basis.
With consistent comms and clear expectations from our client, we have delivered some stellar results. Please see the results and insights section below.

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"In a world where smoke and mirrors are commonplace, finding an agency partner who will drive incremental revenue without telling you to suck eggs can be challenging. At North Beach we have a high level of competency in our digital team, so we needed to find a digital agency that would be able to go deeper with insight and strategy than pick off low-hanging fruit. Overdose as an agency has grown significantly over the last few years, enabling it to draw on the experience of a wider network of talent. However, it still retains the key strengths of a smaller agile agency, such as maintaining access to the brains trust or senior leadership, and they are still heavily invested in their clients outcomes. "Over the last 3 years of our engagement Overdose. Has continued to grow the value that they add to our business. Their data and analytics capability is the best we have experienced, and their approach is candid with the value of various key metrics – helping us to find strategies to improve key outcomes rather than using vanity metrics to justify the status quo. We have exceptional insight into our marketing spend and how effective it is which includes direct customer feedback to ensure we invest in the right channels. We are early in our engagement on SEO, but having worked with Overdose. At a previous business on a re-platform and website migration with great success, they were the obvious choice to help us maintain our prominence as the leading digital street, surf and skate retailer in New Zealand. It’s great to have an agency partner who is adaptable, candid, and helps drive our team forward on a daily basis."
Dave Malcolm | General Manager
- North Beach


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