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SEO : 3 Wise Men

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Founded in 2004, 3 Wise Men was born out of a desire to provide quality fashionable clothing at affordable prices to the New Zealand market. Recognizing the changing landscape of men's fashion, the company set out to simplify the purchasing process by offering strong online offers, welcoming and well-stocked physical stores, and great customer service. Additionally, 3 Wise Men implemented a straightforward pricing strategy, offering all their shirts at a flat rate of $120 each or 3 for $300.

Over several years, Overdose. has had the privilege of working closely with 3 Wise Men to support their digital marketing strategies and re-establish their online presence in the New Zealand market. As a leading provider of affordable high-quality men's wear, 3 Wise Men faced the challenge of increasing customer centricity and long-term customer value. Through a strong and sustainable customer retention strategy across multiple key channels, the collaborative efforts between Overdose. and 3 Wise Men have successfully re-established the brand as a key player in the men's wear market.

Over the past year, the Overdose. SEO has has been collaborating with 3 Wise Men to orchestrate a comprehensive SEO strategy aimed at bolstering their organic presence within the competitive New Zealand market. Drawing upon the wealth of knowledge possessed by our seasoned SEO specialists and managers, we meticulously crafted and executed a highly effective SEO strategy. This encompassed a spectrum of essential components, including rigorous competitor analysis, precise keyword research, meticulous on-page SEO optimisation, strategic content planning and technical SEO enhancements, among others.

The outcome of this endeavour has been nothing short of remarkable. Through our strategic approach, 3 Wise Men has achieved an impressive surge in online visibility, leading to heightened website traffic and, ultimately, increased revenue.


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Canonical Tags: Correcting Category Page Confusion

Facing the issue of inconsistent URL structures, 3 Wise Men were experiencing a hampering to their SEO performance. These inconsistent structures lacked crucial keywords, leading to a drop in search engine rankings


Overdose. SEO experts identified the affected URLs and promptly prescribed the appropriate canonical tags. Our developers then seamlessly implemented these tags, rectifying the URL inconsistencies. This diligent approach has significantly improved 3 Wise Men's SEO standing and streamlined their online presence.

Transforming URL Structures for SEO Success

3 Wise Men's website grappled with the challenge of inconsistent URL structures, with many URLs lacking essential keywords. This inconsistency hindered their ability to secure prominent positions in search engine results.


To address this challenge, the Overdose. SEO team conducted a meticulous Information Architecture audit of the site. The findings paved the way for a comprehensive overhaul, introducing SEO-friendly URL structures across the entire site. Our developers executed this transformation seamlessly, accompanied by essential resources such as a URL redirect list, refined header recommendations, and optimized metadata. This holistic approach ensures that 3 Wise Men's digital presence is primed for SEO success, aligning with their growth objectives.

Inadequate Unique Content on Category Pages

Low content on category pages poses a challenge, limiting the opportunity to integrate target keywords. This deficiency impacts the page's ability to secure prominent rankings in user search results.


The Overdose. SEO team devised a comprehensive category content strategy. We provided 3 Wise Men with best practice guidelines and target keyword recommendations for all category landing pages. After the content was meticulously crafted by the client to maintain the brand's voice, our SEO team conducted a thorough review and seamlessly implemented it on the site. This collaborative effort ensures enhanced SEO performance while preserving the brand's unique tone and identity.

"Working with Overdose. has been a game-changer for our eCommerce channel. We started working with them back in 2016 when Todd, Nikolai and Ryan worked out of a bunker in the back of Ponsonby. Since then, we’ve seen incredible growth and transformation!

Our newest project is working alongside Judy and Daniel for SEO on both our New Zealand and Australian websites and not knowing the opportunities that we have been missing. The project (ongoing) has opened our eyes to the importance of SEO - Judy has been a great account manager for this, splitting out quick wins, high priority tasks and work we can do in the background. Richard and myself have learnt so much in this process the numbers also speak for themselves.

What really sets Overdose. apart though, is their attitude. They’re always ready to roll up their sleeves and get stuff done, but they’re also not afraid to challenge us when they think we can do better. This combination of pragmatism and entrepreneurial spirit has been invaluable in our partnership. We’re excited to see what the future holds with these WISE and very capable heads."
Victoria Backhouse
Digital Manager,
- 3 Wise Men

Results & Insights

Increased SOV by +467% from the start of SEO strategy implementation (July 2022) to August 2023.

*Share of Voice (SoV) is an indicator of how your most important keywords are performing. All keywords that rank between positions 1 to 20 are used for the calculation.

**Increase in the number of ranking keywords in the top 10 positions of Google Search.

Result: July 2022: 29 keywords in top 10 positions, August 2023: 126 keywords in top 10 positions.
NZ : Increased SOV*
NZ : Increased Average Rankings
Increased Organic Sessions
Increased Organic Revenue
Google Search Top10** : Increased number of ranking keywords