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Veuve Clicquot's vision is to position itself as a luxury brand beyond Champagne, aligning with luxury cues and deepening the desirability of the Clicquot lifestyle.

In 2021, the brand launched the world’s first Hotel Clicquot, taking over a stunning location nestled in the Byron Hinterlands, offering guests luxury stays for a limited time. To celebrate the new Solarie Culture brand campaign, Clicquot created a unique and ownable 2-week experience online in 2022.

The Overdose. Asia team had the privilege of working with Veuve Clicquot to create an unforgettable experiential concept that engaged media and consumers alike, establishing Clicquot as synonymous with elevated travel experiences and luxury lifestyle. The activation aimed to convey a sense of joy and optimism around occasion-based salience through luxury cues that were unmistakably Clicquot.

In collaboration, we crafted an indulgent experience that extended the customer's association with the Champagne product to include memories of a luxurious and indulgent lifestyle. The picturesque and secluded Noosa beach in Brisbane, Australia was the perfect location for guests to immerse themselves entirely in this lavish experience.

We chose a neutral colour palette that allowed the iconic Clicquot Yellow to pop aesthetically throughout the physical space, reflecting the online experience. In addition, we undertook a full discovery, design and build of the project, including creating the homepage, booking page, gift shop, product pages, Solaire Experiences page, dining experiences page, CRM sign-up landing page and location page for Hotel Clicquot.

Our focus was on crafting an experience that spoke to the heart of luxury, ensuring that guests were left with unforgettable memories and an enduring association with the Veuve Clicquot brand.


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Fixed timelines to launch to support the Clicquot hotel experience

We faced the challenge of launching the site within a very tight timeline to support the launch of the Clicquot experience (hotel reservations). We worked closely with the Veuve Clicquot team to ensure that the site was ready for launch while maintaining high standards of quality and user experience.


In order to efficiently address the challenge of creating an eCommerce site that also catered to experiences, we adopted a phased timeline approach. We began with designing the experience pages, followed by executing the build and providing support for the Hotel launch. Meanwhile, we collaboratively focused on building the eCommerce store that would launch after the hotel experience was sold out. By doing so, we ensured that the site had dual functionality and was launched within the set timeline.

Experience vs. eCommerce

The project was unique as it involved a heavy emphasis on experience and eCommerce, rather than being a stand-alone eCommerce site. This required us to split the project, dedicating enough pages to showcase the different experiences available, while still incorporating eCommerce functionality seamlessly.


As the site was a combination of experiences and eCommerce, we tackled the project in phases. The first phase was dedicated to showcasing the hotel and experiences with multiple content pages focused on the hotel, dining and gastronomy. The second phase was dedicated to eCommerce and the 'Shop' aspect of the site. Our approach ensured customers remained interested in the brand and had the option to purchase products, even after hotel reservations were sold out. We also made sure to disable the "Book Now" popup form and replace it with a "Shop Now" option to maintain a seamless user experience.

Optimized Hotel Reservation Experience

Veuve Clicquot needed to support the reservation of the hotel experience. Unfortunately, due to tight timelines, we were unable to integrate with the Luxury Escape platform or embed it onto the site.


To support the reservation of the Hotel Clicquot experience on the Veuve Clicquot site within tight timelines, we designed a "Book Now" Popup form that directed customers to the Luxury Escapes Hotel Clicquot page for direct booking or to register interest. This solution allowed for a quick and easy implementation and ensured we went live in time for the Hotel Clicquot launch. Due to the limited number of rooms available, which sold out quickly, this solution enabled interested customers to easily secure their bookings.

Kaysie Direen
"Our aim with the campaign was primarily to build desire, by creating the world’s first Veuve Clicquot online platform for consumers to experience, book and shop Hotel Clicquot and more strongly associate Veuve Clicquot as a luxury brand beyond champagne. Through multiple immersive landing pages focusing on the experience of Hotel Clicquot we were able to drive distinction and engagement with consumers. Featuring an exclusive collection of high value and limited edition Veuve Clicquot products such as surfboards, bicycles and SMEG fridges further drove desirability with all items selling out in less than 2 months."
Kaysie Direen
Head of Digital & Consumer Engagement
Moët Hennessy ANZ


Although our focus was intended purely for the experience aspect of this campaign and not on any marketing or SEO growth strategies for this project, we are pleased to report that their hotel reservations were sold out within hours of each weekly launch and their product sales were also very successful. One of the most popular products was the Personalizable Veuve Clicquot arrow, for which we provided a template to capture the personalization details. We are glad to have contributed to the success of the campaign and the brand.
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Veuve Clicquot and Hotel Clicquot approached Overdose. with a challenge to provide a refined customer experience by unifying User Experience (hotel bookings, event bookings) and eCommerce capabilities on a singular platform. Our team worked on creating an online experience that focused on a simple route to the external Luxury Escapes booking engine while using storytelling to communicate the unique location and experience to users. We also prioritized the importance of integrating bookings and eCommerce to offer a complete customer experience.

Our approach included using SEO best practices in Information Architecture to shape the navigation journey and ensure site visibility on search engines. Our creative delivery focused on a distinctive luxury hotel experience where customers could immerse themselves in Solaire culture and the joyful, optimistic Veuve Clicquot lifestyle. Our development team used an impressive technology stack to bring this experience to life.

The limited edition collector’s items were highly sought after and extended beyond the event period, and we recognized the importance of presenting them in a way that was easy to find for users. The final result was a sleek and modern website that reflected the luxury and sophistication of the Veuve Clicquot brand while providing a seamless user experience.